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Savory Foods, Small


Our Tarragon Almond Chicken Salad is made with white and dark meat free-range chicken, raw almonds, organic mayonnaise, organic vegetables and spices.

Our Dill Tuna Salad is made with wild caught Albacore tuna, organic mayonnaise, cage free eggs, organic vegetables and spices.

Our Quiche is made with cage free eggs, organic vegetables, grass-fed dairy, and spices/essential oils.

Our Pot Pies are made with unbleached flour, free-range chicken or grass-fed beef, organic vegetables and spices/essential oils.

Our cheese grits are made with non-GMO stone ground cornmeal, grass-fed dairy and spices/essential oils

Our Kale Broccoli Slaw is made of organic vegetables, dried fruits, raw nuts and our homemade dressing.

1 - 2 servings

*This product contains allergens, nuts, wheat, eggs, fish or dairy.

*Customized items are available upon request.

*Pick Up or Delivery Only

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